Concrete Core Drill Set

Dry Core Bit Set

Application: Concrete, brick wall, concrete with light steel bar.

These 5 piece laser welded dry core bit sets contain:
1. 117mm diameterx150mm
2. 107mm diameterx150mm
3. 65mm diameterx150mm
4. 52mm diameterx150mm
5. 38mm diameterx150mm
6. 10mmx200mm masonry drill and drift
7. Adaptor 115mm SDS plus-1/2″ BSP male
8. Adaptor 88mm hex-1/2″ BSP male
9. 200mm drill bit extension

Comes in a lockable silver carry case.

We do sell these bits individually (not from the same manufacturer). If you are after an individual item, email us at or phone us on 0800 77 38 25.