Grinding Cups

Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels or also referred to as ‘Plate’ or ‘Cup’, generally have small blocks of diamond segments. These segments are the component that does the grinding. Once these are worn completely, the wheel will no longer be usable.

The cup will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and often has holes or vents to allow for air movement.

Where there is less segments the wheel is more aggressive and will deliver a less smooth surface with more scratches where more segmented wheels will deliver a smoother surface. Generally segments with sharper leading edges will deliver more aggression, and tapered shapes will provide better dispersion when oriented in the right direction.

Unsure of the Grit? Grit is used as a reference to describe the finishing qualities of the diamond. The lower the number, the larger the piece of diamond (coarser grit). The higher the number, the smaller the piece of diamond (finer grit). Generally in concrete grinding, 30 or 40 grit is about the coarsest required. Finer than 40 grit will create a smooth surface and slow down the productivity. 60-80 grift are used in the process of polishing, with 100-150 being a final cut to prior to resin backed polishing pads.

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