Hand/Block Pads

Hand Pads2

Hand Pads
Foam backed pads for polishing on the surface of marble, granite, ceramics, glass and hard composites.
Hand pads allow for easy polishing the profile shapes or the areas that are hard to polish by machine. For the coarser grit pads are electroplated diamond on flexible cloth and foam-backed, available in the grits# 60, #120, #200 and #400. For the finer grits, they are resin diamond on flexible cloth and foam-backed available in the grit #800, #1800 and #3500. Hand pads size 95mm x 55mm. $45.00 + GST each.

Sandings Blocks
We also stock the following sanding blocks:

  • 150 x 50mm very coarse 120 grit $135.00 plus GST each
  • 150 x 50mm coarse 200 grit $125.00 + GST each
  • 200 x 65mm coarse 200 grit $115.00 + GST each
  • 150 x 50mm medium 400 grit $105.00 + GST each
  • 150 x 50mm fine 600 grit $105.00 + GST each

Why You Should Buy Hand Polishing Pads From South Pacific Diamond Tools

  • We are pleased to offer you with expert advice on selecting the right Hand Polishing Pads for your particular application
  • We source diamond tools from all over the world to match top performance with competitive prices
  • We are able to offer you custom tools for situations where a standard tool is not suitable
  • You will enjoy quick delivery from our extensive stock
  • Great service from our friendly, knowledgeable
  • Feel free to visit our showroom if you prefer to talk face to face, or just need to collect your order personally

Safety – Protect yourself and others from:

  • Dust – Wear respirator or appropriate face mask. Restrict others from the vicinity
  • Rotating Cutting Tools – Wear protective clothing, steel toecaps, hard hat, gloves etc.
  • Flying debris – Wear eye protection
  • Industrial Noise – Protect your hearing with ear plugs

Correct Operation – Understanding how to look after Hand Polishing Pads will reward you with faster cutting and longer life. Water will cool the blade, lubricate when cutting and suppress dust. Protect your blade from impact and thermal shock caused by quenching a hot blade

At South Pacific Diamond Tools Ltd, we pride ourselves on quality. A premium quality diamond blade is not cheap however, you need to decide what is more important. The initial cost of the blade or total cutting costs. For large jobs or regular use, a top quality blade may actually be less expensive than several cheaper blades. Our blades have 10mm high segments. Choose a blade that matches closely as possible to the material you are cutting.

Contact us for guidance if unsure.